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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Jillian Anderson & Jenifer Gallagher

The Artisan Group is proud to announce this week's Artist Spotlight Feature is Jillian Anderson and Jenifer Gallagher of The Scarlet Robin!


We caught up with Jillian and Jenifer and asked them a few questions about their trendy jewelry line, and their experiences so far working with TAG. Here's what they said:
  • Tell us a little bit about your shoppe. Outside of what is on ‘our story page, The Scarlet Robin is really about giving our customers a voice to speak their mind, brag about their kids or loved ones, call out their initials, or wear something that expresses who they are and do all of this with an original design. You can pamper yourself with luxurious and weighty pieces that speak to elegance, sophistication, and just plain fun. I (Jillian) have always said that each design expresses a bit of Jenifer’s personality and gives our jewelry a unique twist that you don’t see anywhere else.
  • What is your favorite piece from your shoppe and why? Right now we both TOTALLY love our new oh baby! baby bump necklace. Why, you ask? It’s so darn cute!! How can you not love it? Seriously though, the little bump with a belly button that hangs freely above the bottom disc is something we haven’t seen out there and have totally fallen in love with. It’s irresistible!

  • When you're not handcrafting your sophisticated jewelry, what are your hobbies? Our hobbies are tied up in Scarlet Robin – we figured out how to make money doing our hobbies. Jen’s life outside of SR revolves around her two kids – they are practicing for a marathon at the moment. Jill’s life most recently involves a huge landscaping project in the front and back yard, a lot of sweat and sore muscles! Hmm, you could say that same about sweat and sore muscles for Jen’s marathon training, too.
  • What do you like best about The Artisan Group?  The uber-friendly group members and the supportive artisan community. Everyone is so friendly.
Jillian and Jenifer recently participated as a display participant in a luxury celebrity gift lounge on February 24-25, 2012 at The W Hotel in Hollywood, California, in honor of the The 2012 Academy Awards Nominees and Presenters.


thenibandquill said...

I absolutely love your work! The Oh Baby necklace is so unique. You are right! I haven't seen it out there in the market. Keep up the fabulous work!

Catherine Templeton said...

What a splendid article! I love that your "hobby" is your work - how great is that! And the baby-bump necklace is just tooooo cute! I wish I'd thought of that ;-D

Wee Bindery said...

Wonderful interview! Great to learn a little more about you! Loving your designs!

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