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The Artisan Group is proud to announce this week's Artist Spotlight Feature is Lindsey Dufoe of Afton Dufoe Photography!


We caught up with Lindsey and asked her a few questions about her unique photography, and her experiences so far working with TAG. Here's what she said:
  • Tell us a little bit about your shoppe.  I create conceptual photographs. My images are individual stories mostly executed through self portraiture and always finished in a square format. I use a DSLR camera, tripod, remote, and Photoshop to create my work, which is inspired by my love for the imagination and desire to see it live on in everyone, regardless of age. Prints are available through my website.
  • What is your favorite print in your shoppe and why?   I often consider my most recent photo my favorite because it most closely represents my current state of mind, so I'm always in love with what I'm working on behind-the-scenes. My favorite released image is "A Doll's Dilemma" because I'm really happy with how it turned out: pastel tones and lots of negative space due to the miniaturization effect. However, I would consider "Keeper of the Stars" my strongest and most popular image overall.
  • When you're not creating whimsical photography prints, what are your hobbies?  When I'm not creating new work or tending to business tasks, I love to spend time with my dog, go for walks, and watch movies. I'm also a big fan of cooking and travel. I think it's important to step away from your work regularly to refresh your perspective and take in new information. Nature, movies, and travel always inspire me in some way.
  • What do you like best about The Artisan Group?  I love that members of The Artisan Group are "in it together." There's such a sense of community that you sometimes forget you're a one-person business. I've definitely grown a lot as an artist and small business owner through the unique experiences that The Artisan Group has made available to me.
Lindsey recently participated as a display participant in a luxury celebrity gift lounge on February 24-25, 2012 at The W Hotel in Hollywood, California, in honor of the The 2012 Academy Awards Nominees and Presenters.


Sue Dixon said...

Wonderful "spotlight" on a gifted artist! Love your work, Lindsey!

Bound & wound

Catcophony said...

Fabulous photographs--so ethereal!

judit blumenfrucht said...

what an amazing photograph... unbelievaly beautiful, well done lindsay

Wee Bindery said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Congratulations on the feature!

angie said...

I love this photograph! Great feature.

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