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The Artisan Group is proud to announce this week's Artist Spotlight feature is Sheri Hall of Oops I Knit It Again!


We caught up with Sheri and asked her a few questions about her adorable line of knitted goodies, and her experiences so far working with TAG. Here's what she said:
  • Tell us a little bit about your shoppe. Right now in my etsy shop I carry mostly baby items. Hats, blankets, photo props. I have been wanting for the past year to branch out into some other sizes and I am hoping to have a mens and womens line up and running by fall! I'm excited about it! I have many ideas floating around in my head and now I just need to get them on my needles!
  • What is your favorite product in your shoppe and why? My favorite items vary quite often! Sometimes it is the newest thing that I have just made. Right now I think it is the headband I made for Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise  I just learned how to cable knit a few months ago and now I seem to want to cable everything I touch. So I have a feeling there might be a few cables in the fall line!
  • When you're not knitting these charming hats and blankets, what are your hobbies? As far as free time goes, I'm not sure I have any! I would love some tips for finding some free time! I do love to watch movies, which fits really well into my life right now since I sit around and knit, drink coffee, and watch movies. I also would love to read again at some point. I also love to decorate! That's what I did in my former life. My pre-knitting life. I also love to pick up other peoples junk and make it into something new and fun!
  • What do you like best about The Artisan Group? I love The Artisan Group for the many opportunities it gives us that would be close to impossible to do on our own. Everyone is also very helpful and supportive and willing to give constructive help and there doesn't seem to be a big competition amongst the artisans. I haven't come across anyone who wasn't excited for you when something cool happens or anyone who wasn't willing to answer some questions on whatever topic you have questions on. That's pretty awesome.
Sheri participated as a display participant in the recent luxury celebrity gift lounge on February 24-25, 2012 at The W Hotel in Hollywood, California, in honor of the The 2012 Academy Awards Nominees and Presenters.


judÄ— said...

so cool to learn more about you, Sherri - I love that headband, too!

OopsIknitItAgain said...


Janet G said...

This is a lovely write up! I loved this quote, "Oops I knit it again"

Catcophony said...

Ooops! What a great feature! Love your knits :)

Michelle Elle said...

Loved your headband :)

Waterrose said...

lovely feature!

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