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GUEST BLOGGER: Nikki Henry of NKHenry

The 4 Handbags Every Woman Should Own, To Look Their Chicest Best

By Nikki Henry of NKHenry Handbags and Accessories
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Hello, Artisan Group readers, I am thrilled to be today’s guest blogger.

As a handbag and accessories designer, I am constantly observing the bags that women carry when I’m out and about. With my accessories line, NKHenry, my aim is to design and create chic and affordable bags mostly with minimalist silhouettes. 'Less is more' is the motto and below I discuss how investing in key handbag styles will take you from season to season with minimal effort.


Satchels have become the bag du jour for American women. From “Gossip Girls” to suburban housewives and everyone in between, this bag can be caught hanging off ever so nimbly from the forearm of every in-the-know fashionista.

These bags come in a wide variety from boxy shapes to more round edged versions. The commonality amongst them is that they tend to have mucho hardware. These bags have become a statement piece of sorts and usually boast a lot of inside compartments and pockets, which makes them so appealing to most women, as we can tuck and hide away of all the STUFF that we carry around each day.

Satchels come in a variety of beautiful leather and non leather fabrics. If you are one of those women who carries a ton of stuff it is advisable to purchase a satchel with a detachable shoulder strap so that you can occasionally wear the bag on your shoulder as well. The satchel is a must-have investment in both black and a warm rich brown. This bag will function well as your casual companion leaving other more demure styles like clutches and baguettes for more formal occasions.


The Hobo is so chic because it is grown-up bag, but its silhouette also lends itself to meld and contour with your body. I love Hobos and I think they are the perfect shoulder bag for casual and general day activities. I’m more partial to one strap Hobos than two, but as the two strapped lovelies tend to outnumber the one strapped versions, I guess there is something to be said for having two straps.

A Hobo in a nice lightweight pebbled leather a lush suede material is a must have. Why? Because these fabrics meld into the body and create a sensuous looking juxtaposition to your look. It’s just that extra oomph factor to make your jean with white tee or maxi dress look that much more chic. A hobo is where I would move away from basic black and instead opt for a luscious chocolate, copper or animal print. In shopping for a hobo make sure the bag isn’t too bulky or thick, as you need to put your stuff in it and we don’t want the bag dragging you down with too much weight! That is neither good for your health or well your chicness!


You can’t go wrong with a great Clutch… The Clutch is the ultimate chic accessory -- as it is designed primarily to provide a slim silhouette to your outfit. A Clutch is appropriate in any situation where having a streamlined or no fuss look is desirable. For example a night at the theater or attending a gala… The Clutch sits perfectly in your lap and out of the way. You don’t want a clucky shoulder bag or some other big bag at places like these, trying to figure out where to put I and most importantly distracting from your haute outfit!

The Clutch may not be seen as “practical” as some of the other styles, but I look at it from the opposite perspective… Clutches allow you carry only what you need for where you’re going… Most have just enough space for keys a few cosmetics, cash, credit cards and other small personals, so in that sense this style is very practical. Along with the chain shoulder bag, the clutch is one of the few styles I suggest owning in multiple colors, fabrics and prints.

A basic black leather clutch is a must in your accessories closet. Our NikkiGirl clutch is a chic version of the black clutch—trendy and timeless with small gold studs and made of lush Italian leather. This investment piece will go a long way you will take this lovely lady from a night out on the town and all of your social gatherings in between. This fall we are re-working the NikkiGirl girl clutch by adding a front pocket under the flap area for more storage options. The larger body functions as a cosmetics pouch of sorts and the front storage under the flap is perfect to keep your keys, cash and cards handy yet hidden.

Chain Shoulder Bag

The chain handbag is the perfect marriage between a clutch and a shoulder bag. The chain shoulder bag is probably one of the least owned handbag, but in my opinion one of the best handbags to own - I absolutely love them. Much like the clutch, this style is very versatile and will take you effortlessly from day to evening. They are the perfect companion with jeans when you a tres chic French look or for complementing an evening dress and everything in between. Demure, yet sexy, classic yet modern the chain shoulder bag comes in many styles and flavors.

Chain handbags should never be overstuffed. They provide just the right amount of space for your small personal essentials but are mostly coveted for the ultra feminine and chic aesthetic .

Baguettes, for example are a great choice for petite women—they are usually lightweight, have a short strap drop and add to the feminine charm of a petite frame. Then we have the standard chain bag in which the bag body usually hits at hip length, making them perfect for quick entry. In addition to copping the classic black, get this style in an exotic print and a bold color like red, to add just the right amount of pop to a neutral or monochromatic outfit.

The Lexi Bag debuts this Fall in our shoppe as our first chain handbag and we are just in love. Lexi is sexy and feminine with a unique crescent shape and hanging tassel zipper puller. She is perfect for looking chic in either jeans or leather shorts.

Take care and stay chic!


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