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Member Testimonials

While you're here, take a peek at a sampling of excellent press and media coverage our members have received as a result of participating in The Artisan Group's opportunities.


"The day I was accepted into The Artisan Group I was beyond thrilled! My only expectation was that I would now have the opportunities to get SassyBelleWares products into the hands of celebrities. Boy, oh boy was I surprised to find I set my expectation way to low! Of course I have had numerous opportunities to display my pieces at celebrity gift lounges and gift both celebrities and members of the press at these events. What I did not expect was the constant flow of opportunities to gift the stylists of television shows with the chance to have SassyBelleWares pieces worn on TV. I have already had a bracelet worn on Hart of Dixie and another bracelet is scheduled to be on an upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries! There are constantly so many opportunities through TAG it is like Christmas morning all the time! I also had no idea that I would learn so much from the other TAG members. I assumed I would only have communication with TAG’s founder and admins. Nope... TAG is like a huge group of family and friends and the members are constantly supporting each other, giving advice, and sharing business info, suppliers, ideas, trade tricks, etc. All of these perks of being a TAG member are invaluable but the one that has meant the most to me is that my time with TAG has boosted my confidence in myself and my business in a way I never expected!"  --  Stephanie Hovsepian of SassyBelleWares
"Any business owner who is serious about what they do is looking for that one "thing" that could take them from a little unknown where your mom is your best (and maybe only) customer, to a brand that everyone must have. If your business is selling designs that you create, whether it's jewelry, clothes, photos, candles, pet accessories (I could go on and on), you know that is an even harder goal to achieve. Competition is fierce in the creative world, but I have a little secret - The Artisan Group. The Artisan Group, aka TAG, has brought my business from a few customers to literally hundreds, and I'm confident that I'll be able to say thousands one day soon. My necklace was worn on the hit show The Vampire Diaries, and my earrings are going to be worn in an upcoming episode. That alone has increased my sales and exposure, but there's even more that I've been so fortunate to participate in. I've gifted celebs at events honoring the Cannes Film Festival, The Oscars, and New York Fashion Week. Before TAG I really struggled to connect with the press about my brand. Convincing a writer you're newsworthy is a challenge I know most businesses struggle with. Participating in events and opportunities with TAG has given me an edge on the competition by using my participation to make the connections with the press that are vital to growing any business. The Artisan Group, more importantly it's founder Valerie, has helped take my business to a level I never dreamed I'd be able to reach. Valerie works so hard for each and every member it's like having your own PR company. Plus, each member is so supportive of each other - no knocking one another down. We build each other up because a group of successful artisans is much stronger than an artisan alone. I'm so grateful and proud to be a part of such a talented and well rounded group of people!"  --  Courtenay Madsen of Courtenay J Designs
"Being accepted as a member into The Artisan Group has been an amazing experience. Not only are the members so supportive of one another, they have a variety of experience and are such a great resource for any questions you may have regarding business. Since becoming a member, I have been able to have my designs on display at GBK's celebrity gift lounge honoring the Emmys and Oscars, as well as having them included in the celeb swag bags at both of these events, and also NY Fashion Week. In addition, I have been able to design items to gift several celebrities and stylists of several hit TV shows and designed an item especially to gift several high profile celebrity Moms for Mother's Day. I would have never been able to be involved with any of these wonderful opportunities if it wasn't for The Artisan Group!" --  Kimberly Spector of Nair & Bjorn   
"We are a mother/daughter team of jewelry designers and were intrigued by the concept of promotion through The Artisan Group. It was always a goal of our business to try and seek media and celebrity exposure but the costs were prohibitive. As a relative newcomer to the handmade jewelry marketplace we were unsure about applying to this highly sought after juried group but took a chance and we are so glad we did.

The Artisan Group provides superlative celebrity and media gifting opportunities at a variety of levels. It is also an incredibly supportive community with a wealth of information for participants. We have learned so much in our time with The Artisan Group and our business has flourished as a result.

We have participated at the display and celebrity gifting level for both the GBK gift lounge at the Golden Globe Awards in 2013 and the GBK gift lounge for the MTV Movie Awards in 2014. We have found the celebrity recipients to be gracious and supportive of TAG and the concept of handmade.

We have also been fortunate enough to have two necklaces appear in Season Five of The Vampire Diaries. The exposure from this is nothing short of fabulous for a small two-person business. None of this would be possible without the fabulous opportunities for The Artisan Group members and the amazing stewardship of Valerie Guerrero." --  Mila Bartos of FizzCandy Jewelry  
"Being accepted into The Artisan Group a year ago was the best thing that happened for my handmade business! Valerie Guerrero, the founder and organizer of TAG, works tirelessly to get opportunities for this group and through TAG I was able to have my jewelry gifted and displayed at exclusive invitation-only GBK celebrity gift lounges for the Primetime Emmys, Golden Globes, and New York Fashion Week. As a direct result of that participation, I was able to get my pieces worn on air on a local TV show in Dubai, Digital Fashion Week (Singapore), LA Fashion Week and a movie premiere. Yahoo mentioned my jewelry and business in an article too (how's that for press?!!) I was also lucky enough to have had my necklace worn on The Vampire Diaries.

As a tiny business I would never have been able to afford the costs of attending any of these high-profile events, or even be able to reach out to stylists of shows and/or celebrities or editors of magazines/ newspapers. The exposure and sales that have come because of TAG are beyond priceless! --  Candice D'Mello of Vitrine  
"Participating in The Artisan Group has been such a great way to take my jewelry to the proverbial “next level.” Through TAG, I have had the opportunity to display and gift my jewelry at (GBK's) Golden Globes and Primetime Emmys celebrity gift lounges. The media exposure has been tremendous for both of these events, and was completely beyond what I could have ever hoped for. As a direct result of my participation in The Golden Globes, I had three (out of four) local network television stations visit our retail shop to film segments about my jewelry and my celebrity gifting.

Though the Oscars fell nearly two months after The Golden Globes, local media was still so interested in got sparkles’ jewelry that the local Fox TV affiliate aired a segment live from the shop immediately before their Oscar coverage. The newscaster wore my jewelry on air during their coverage from the shop.

I noticed a 2000% increase (yes, I said two THOUSAND percent) in hits to my website immediately following the first airing of a televised segment the day of The Golden Globes. Customers literally came in to the shop the day after the first segment aired to buy their “Hollywood Jewelry.”  The network affiliate aired a follow up segment two weeks after The Golden Globes detailing how my participation in celebrity giftings has impacted my business, which also resulted in increased sales and hits to my site.

A year later, my business is still feeling the positive impact of that first gifting event. I approached a local jeweler about carrying my line on a wholesale basis, and they quickly agreed to have me come in and show them my lines. I was thrilled when they placed a large order on the spot, and found out later that the main reason I got the appointment in the first place was that the owner had seen the news segments about my participation in The Golden Globes and liked the story behind my jewelry line. Fast forward nearly a year, and they are one of my biggest wholesale accounts!

In addition to the two large gifting events, I have been blessed to have one necklace (so far!) selected by a television stylist (through an opportunity with The Artisan Group). My original design was worn during Season Five of The Vampire Diaries. Again, the sales and hits to my website were immediate. Within 24 hours of the episode airing, I sold the necklace worn by the main character, Elena. It has been over six months, and this necklace has been shipped to various states throughout the U.S., as well as Germany, France, Norway and Great Britain. My sales for this piece continue to occur regularly, and I attribute that wholly to the opportunity through TAG.

While some of the benefits of gifting events through TAG are quite tangible (increased sales, increased traffic to my website), others are less easily defined but beneficial nonetheless. I have seen an increase in media attention, obviously, but also I believe wholeheartedly that these giftings have increased the credibility of my jewelry. It has created in my clients (retail & wholesale) a trust and sense of professionalism (not to mention desirability) that would have required more work to earn. Now I can let the media attention speak to my customers, and potential customers, on my behalf!" --  Kristi Taylor of got sparkles 
"Being a member of The Artisan Group, is the single most wonderful thing that could have happened, for myself and my business. Valerie Guerrero is an incredible leader that sets the tone of this amazing group of artists. The support and interaction with such a talented group of people has been invaluable. There has not been a question that I have asked, or an opinion on a design, that has not been answered and helped with in record time! There are no overblown egos here at TAG. Success for everyone is celebrated equally. For my business, I have been able to participate in several wonderful opportunities, such as (GBK's) The Oscars, Emmys, and MTV Movie Awards. I was excited to offer my jewelry in giftings to Brandi Glanville, Mariska Hargitay, and Selena Gomez. In October 2013, I was honored to have had two of my necklaces selected to be worn on The Vampire Diaries. My sales are constant and growing every month! Applying to The Artisan Group, is without a doubt, the best thing I could have done for my confidence as a jewelry designer and a small business owner. I couldn't be happier!" --  Cindy Arnet of Sienna Grace Jewelry 
"The Artisan Group has been absolutely fantastic, not only for my sales, but also as a sounding board for advice, promotion, camaraderie -- you name it. I have developed so much as an artist and a business owner because of TAG and, specifically, because of the vision, drive, and dedication of Valerie Guerrero, the creator and leader of this group.

I have participated at all levels, as my business has grown, from having my business cards included in the (GBK) Oscar bags to having a featured spot with my products on display at the (GBK) MTV Movie Awards. My levels of participation have been entirely voluntary, of course. One could be a member and gain just from that, at no cost, but that doesn't make much sense. For me, any costs for my participation are advertising expenses that allow my product to be seen by literally thousands of potential buyers, worldwide who would not be directed to my shoppe otherwise. From the Oscars to the (GBK) Emmys to the MTV Movie Awards, to the Country Music Awards to having production assistants on shows such as the Vampire Diaries use our products for sets and costumes -- there is literally no end to the opportunities available with The Artisan Group.

The small picture is that, yes, part of your participation is that you "gift" products to celebrities who already have a lot of stuff.  And yes, they may or may not purchase additional products. (I have had some A-listers purchase from me even months after the event.) But you don't just sit back and wait. You work hard to publicize this as well, and great things can happen.

So the big picture is that your exposure becomes exponential when the media takes hold. My small hometown paper did a full-page story on my Earth Day celebrity gifting last year, and even a year later, people remember that story and approach me. So my local sales have boomed too. My experience with The Artisan Group and Valerie Guerrero as its amazing leader has been top-notch. Her superb working relationship with organizations such as GBK Productions is not happenstance. She works literally night and day on this, focusing on helping promote you, the shoppe owner, as a true artisan. It's a juried group, and Valerie is very clear from the outset about her expectations of high quality products, professionalism, and mutual respect. Once you are a member, she is right there with you, 100%. In addition, you have access to such amazing support from literally hundreds of artisans worldwide. For example, The Artisan Group is currently being featured through GBK Productions at the Cannes Film Festival. You should hear the buzz being generated by the European Press about this group. It's astounding. And by the way, it's sooo fun. --  Linda Bahr of Engelfelt Designs  
"The day I received my acceptance email from The Artisan Group was probably the most pivotal day for my business. With my jewelry business being just six months old at the time, I was still learning the ropes of marketing, social media and promoting my products. TAG members (not only talented but extremely business savvy) were amazingly helpful in guiding, encouraging and challenging me to take my business to the next level. Not one to sit back and watch, I jumped in right away and participated in gifting my bracelets at the 2013 GBK Oscars Gift Lounge, something I would not have been able to do or afford if not for TAG. A month after that gifting, I experienced my highest month of sales (as well as website views) since I began the business. Every gifting opportunity I have participated in has been well organized and professional with every detail attended to. I've been so impressed with the tireless efforts of our founder, Valerie Guerrero. She really wants each and every one of us to succeed. My products are now in the hands of many top Hollywood celebrities which is so exciting. I'm honored to be a member of The Artisan Group! --  Cindy Kassebaum of Rock & Hardware Jewelry 
"A little over a year ago, I was accepted into The Artisan Group. What a difference the year has made! The success and growth I have had not only for my business but personally is unbelievable. I never thought a small business like mine would have the opportunities The Artisan Group has given me. I have had the chance to get Kiki Bird Jewelry into the hands of individual celebrities as well as the biggest country music stars at the 46th Annual CMA Awards. Kiki Bird Jewelry has gone to the stylists of television shows and on the hit television show, The Vampire Diaries. The Artisan Group has been very supportive and helped me grow from a shy, small business to a confident business woman. --  Kim Girouard of Kiki Bird Jewelry    
"Becoming a member of The Artisan Group has helped not only my business but also me personally as an artist. In the 1st year alone, I was given the opportunity to gift Tyra Banks, been featured in the County Music Awards and (GBK) Oscars gifting event, and had a necklace of mine worn on the hit TV show, The Vampire Diaries! All of that may sound amazing but I have to say the best part of TAG has to be the members. Valerie Guerrero, the founder of TAG, has set up such a collaborative supportive community. We learn so much from each other, through sharing our experiences whether they are successes, frustrations or simply advice. I am so proud and humbled to be part of this group! --  Laura King of Loralyn Designs   
"I have only been a member of The Artisan Group for a short time, but since I have been associated with this terrific group of artists I have experienced greater success in sales and the opportunities unfolding are so exciting! The boost in my creativity has been amazing, and everyone is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I am really looking forward to my participation in the Mother’s Day and GBK Cannes Film Festival gifting events this year. Just preparing for both of these has encouraged me to take steps to improve many different areas of my business from updating business cards and social media sites, to taking the leap into press releases! I am extremely thankful to Valerie and The Artisan Group for this opportunity! --  Gari Anne Kosanke of Bead Lovers Korner  
"As a member of The Artisan Group for one year, I can say that joining this group was one of the best things I've done for my 10 year old business. The celebrity swag events and one-offs are not only fun and exhilarating, but have done wonders for my marketing and credibility. I frequently get requests for my "Jenny McCarthy Necklace" or my "Zooey Deschanel Earrings." And, that's not the only perk to being a member. The whole team is caring, supportive and helpful. I gain insight and get tips on a daily basis. I've gained so much confidence in running my hand-made business and also found more satisfaction in my style and design. The Artisan Group is a non-intimidating environment that is run extremely efficiently. Between Valerie and the volunteer admins and coordinators - nothing falls through the cracks! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this fantastic team of artisans! --  Cami Tout of Camilee Designs 
"The (GBK) Primetime Emmys (Gift Lounge) was my first celebrity gifting and display event. The celebrity photos I got were beyond my expectations! To think that Jessica Clark (True Blood), Dorian Brown (Wilfred) & Andrew Howard (Hatfields & McCoys) posed with my necklace is amazing! I have my first festival of the season this weekend, and I’ve made a collage of the photos to display at the event. Thanks to The Artisan Group for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity! --  Angie Howard of Angie’s Jewelry Design
"I cannot say enough good things about The Artisan Group. Since joining, I've been inspired, supported, and learned an unbelievable amount about myself and my business. I've gained the confidence and knowledge to take my business to the next level. I've had my product in the hands of high profile celebrities and members of the press, and participated in large gifting events. But TAG is so much more than the huge marketing potential of the gifting. It's a support net and knowledge base for marketing, product development, and opportunities. The members and leadership are simply top-notch. I am honored and proud to be a member of this amazing group of artisans. It is one of the smartest moves I've made for my business. --  Lucy Chapman of Rosy Toes Designs and Seasons Of Wool
"Little did I realise that when I idly clicked on The Artisan Group just over a year ago, it would change my life, my friendships, my self-esteem and bring my business to a new level. I was fortunate to join near the beginning and have watched it grow from a small close-knit group of artisans to an enormous close-knit group of artisans! Valerie, it has been a pleasure to see you in action! You are a real pro, knowing what to do and when and how to do it and it has been an amazing journey so far, gifting at the (GBK) Golden Globes, business cards at the (GBK) Primetime Emmys, (GBK) Oscars, Mother's Day celebrity gift bags and press gifts to the (GBK) MTV Movie Awards."  --  Judit Blumenfrucht  of Judit B Jewelry
"The Artisan Group has opened doors for me that never would have been available to an independent designing jeweler otherwise. TAG's very effective business model, as well as its much-coveted connections with A-List celebrities, provides a unique and creative way for artist entrepreneurs to market their products. Via TAG, I recently designed a OOAK fine jewelry suite for renowned actress Drew Barrymore, and I will be showcasing my designs at a major Hollywood event this fall. When I look at the immense talent and outstanding craftmanship of my fellow TAG members, I am proud and honored to be a member of this organization whose leadership team is absolutely top-notch. If you are interested in breaking away from the ho-hum of PPC advertising and a virtual sea of product-hawking tweets, I would urge you to research The Artisan Group and see if it is right for you." -- Jennifer Racette of Allison Julien Collection
"I joined (The Artisan Group) and it has been a great experience so far! The artists making up this group are not only very talented but also willing to give advice and hold your hand (so to speak) if you need it. It is an exceptional group of people and I can only encourage anybody serious about their business to apply." -- Uta Brotherton of Little Dog Fashion
"I'm another TAG member here to tell you they are 100% the real deal. And I know this, not only from my participation, traffic and sales, but I've physically helped at events! I've coordinated the gifting for Drew Barrymore, and our members have amazing wares. We all take pride in being juried members of an extremely supportive, informative and charitable group. Not only do we send gifts to celebs, we also give to numerous charities. The group is amazingly supportive in all things good and bad; each can offer an ear to listen when the bad times take hold of you, and boost you high when the times are good. There’s so much camaraderie, so much business information to be gleaned, so many opportunities to take advantage of, and all are handled with aplomb and grace and professionalism by our founder and leaders!" -- Rachel Leathers of Hearts of Stone Jewelry   
"I'm also a member of TAG and seriously, being a member has been the best thing that has happened to my business. The honest support and assistance one receives from fellow members is unprecedented. And, the leadership is simply outstanding. I've been fortunate enough to gift Hilary Duff, Cari Cucksey, Rachael Ray and will be gifting the press at the (GBK) MTV Movie Awards and (GBK) Primetime Emmy Awards. It's not about celebrities getting free stuff, it's about taking advantage of the best marketing tools available for your small business and being associated with world class artisans. My mother always told me to hang out with the smartest kids I knew and it would only make me smarter. I believe the same applies here." -- Gretchen Hind of Gretchen Hind Designs  
"Joining The Artisan Group has been one of the best marketing steps that I have taken for The Shutterbug Eye. Being able to have my work included in bags at the (GBK) 2012 Academy Awards Gift Lounge as well as direct gifts to celebrities such as Jessica Alba, has not only enabled me to be featured in the media a few times but has also directly led to sales locally. Not only are the gifting opportunities amazing, but I have learned so much from the group and the members about running and promoting a business. The Artisan Group has helped me take The Shutterbug Eye to the next level and I can only imagine what the future may hold." -- Diane Miller of The Shutterbug Eye 
"Trinkets N Whatnots joined The Artisan Group in the hopes of gaining more exposure for their brand. In one month we have had multiple opportunities to contribute to the (GBK) MTV Movie Awards, and several celebrity gifting opportunities. Everyone is extremely positive and supportive. The resources provided to members is invaluable. There are members that offer help in writing services and graphic designers that assist with your branding. The support in this group and the opportunities that they are able to provide are just amazing to any small business in the handmade niche! Thank you TAG!" -- Janet Galla of Trinkets N Whatnots    
"After reading The Artisan Group’s website, and it was clear that this was a unique and classy organization, I was intrigued and curious about this celebrity gifting thing. I just saw an opportunity to be included with a talented group and create gifts for the celebrities. Little did I know what was in store for our little home-based business and for me personally. Imagine having a team of experienced professionals, talented artisans and a supportive group added to your business all at once for 24/7 - 365 days. The resources provided by The Artisan Group are numerous, questions asked are answered ten-fold, and the encouragement for everyone to succeed is something to behold. And what a fun and exciting group of diverse people! Valerie, the Founder, runs a top-notch organization which we are truly honored to be a part of. With The Artisan Group, we look forward to a very exciting and prosperous future." -- Toni Perez of SimplyCaprine      
"Joining The Artisan Group has been the best step that I could have taken for myself as well as my business. From day one, this group has been supportive and professional. The guidance they provide with so many different aspects of your business is phenomenal! It feels as though I have been a part of the group for years! The growth I have seen for myself has been both personal and professional. My business has also seen such growth since becoming part of the TAG community. I have had the privilege of gifting several celebrities individually and have been humbled to find pictures of them wearing my product online! I will be participating in the (GBK) MTV Movie Awards gifting lounge and am so excited to see where this event will take my business next. Thank you Valerie, and all members of TAG, you are truly a wonderful group and I am proud to call myself a member of The Artisan Group." -- Melissa Ahohen of Baby Button Tops
"Since joining The Artisan Group, I have been thrilled to say the least! I have participated in 2 events & 2 private celebrity gifting opportunities & will be a participant in a third event for the MTV Movie Awards (Gift Lounge) later this year. I cannot express my gratitude to Valerie, and the members. So much valuable advice, ideas & information. I really felt like I finally found my group! It is really wonderful the support, friendship & advice that is offered on a daily basis from the members. I also want to give a huge thank you to Valerie for all that she does to promote us, answering our questions, constantly being available & patient & the mentoring. I don't know any other group that has such wonderful members & leaders. So honored & happy to be a member. It is simply amazing & I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Thank you TAG!" -- Michelle Bousley of OCStyles Creations
"Preparing and participating in the 2012 Oscars (gifting) event has to be the biggest boost my business has seen to date. The work was tough, and my nerves were jumping from the time I began sanding until the time Valerie (bless her heart) convinced me that all of my boxes full of flower pots had arrived safely and on time. I posted every design on my Fan Page, I placed an ad in the local paper, and people started talking. When I thought things couldn't get any better, Valerie sends me photos with both JK Simmons AND Penny Marshall holding my display piece! I'm STILL reeling! Those pictures have since been put into the local paper as well, and business is steadily picking up... I am on cloud nine! Thanks to Valerie, and all the TAG members who have not only inspired me, but are so incredibly willing to help with advice, 'likes' on my (Facebook) Fan Page, and sharing tips and tricks to make my business continue to bloom. Thanks to TAG, my little business and my fellow artisan family has grown beyond anything I imagined at this point. This group is a huge blessing, and I'm honored to be amongst such a wonderful group of people." -- Joanne Culbreth of Happy Moose Garden Art
"When I became a member of The Artisan Group (TAG), I quickly realized that it was going to be an exceptional experience. Valerie has created a place for motivated artisans to learn, share expertise, and grow their small businesses. The Artisan Group embodies professionalism in the way it is managed and in the way amazing celebrity gifting opportunities are carried out. Through this group, I have participated in gifting events and gained exposure and press for my business beyond my wildest dreams. I have grown immensely as an artisan and as a business person through my involvement with TAG. Most importantly, I have become a member of a talented group of artists who constantly inspire me to reach for new heights." -- Kathryn Doll of Kathryn Designs
"Participating in the (GBK) Academy Award Gift Lounge with The Artisan Group has been a great move for my business. I have received tons of press at the local and regional level, making my business and brand more recognizable. My sales have taken a huge leap and I have gotten interest from some wholesale possibilities. The process was very organized and everything that was promised and more was delivered. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Beyond just the gifting, the knowledge and support that the group has is priceless! This has been one of the best moves I have made with my business to build and create my brand!" -- Pam Hurst of Pam Hurst Designs
"I had a dream… to one day, take my company, Magic Senses, to Hollywood and share with celebrities some of the designer soap my customers have enjoyed for so many years. And YOU made my dream come true! It’s been a week since you represented us at the 2012 GBK Academy Awards (Oscars) Gift Lounge. And, what a wonderful experience it’s been! I am still taking it all in! I loved all the exposure, media attention and beautiful celebrity pictures. You did a fabulous job promoting Magic Senses and I couldn’t be happier! You, by far, exceeded my expectations in every way! This was an exciting journey and I couldn’t have done it without your kind support, extensive resources and hard work! Being part of such an elite group is an absolute honor! I hope this is just the beginning of a long relationship! Thank you for being our Ambassadors!" -- Betty Miller of Magic Senses
"As a new business owner, building the brand is crucial. Exposure is not something that is easy to come by and with a saturated market of small businesses, one needs more than luck. I took my chances and submitted an application to become a part of the prestigious group of talented artisans represented by The Artisan Group. When I was approved to become a member, my business savvy seemed to swell from the beginning, just the confidence it gave me to know that I was amongst such tremendously talented peers. Recently, I took part in my first major gifting event, the 2012 Academy Awards (Gift Lounge). The doors this opportunity have opened for me take people YEARS to achieve. The local newspaper and events magazines both did stories on my men's shaving line. Our major news station came to my home and did a story on my product with a tie-in to the Oscars. Tremendous opportunities are presenting themselves before me as each day passes. I kept my fingers crossed, hoping, wishing that one of the celebrities at this gifting event would pose with my products. I am truly humbled by the fact that FOUR male celebrities happily posed with my products, one of them being an Academy Award winner. Valerie... as it has turned out, is a hidden gem within this brilliant organization. She has held my hand through many questions. She responds to all of my inquiries promptly and courteously, and I truly feel I've made a new friend... one that cares as much about the growth of my company as I do. Adding the Facebook page of fellow Artisan Group members has also proven invaluable. I firmly believe that the success of my business has only seen a glimpse of what it is to become... and I owe so very much of that to Valerie and The Artisan Group." -- Andrew Fuller of Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour
"When first contacted by The Artisan Group I was honored to be asked to join such a talented group of artists! The opportunities that the group have provided have been simply amazing. However, it is the support and the community of the other artists that has really been invaluable to me. Whether it is a question about a gifting opportunity or a business issue, there is always someone available to provide an answer or a suggestion. Not only that but Valerie has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make each event is a success for each and every participant. It is truly something special to be a member of The Artisan Group." -- Kelly Mitchell of The Write Stuff Design
"The Artisan Group has been one of the best things that has happened to Jewels For Hope. My mother and I have never been a part of such a tight-knit group that is so supportive of one another. I know this may sound a bit nutty, but our lives have not been the same since joining TAG. We have the confidence to really put ourselves out there now. The guidance from everyone in the group is something that is so special! Along with all of the amazing members of the group there to help, Valerie goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is always there when we need her and have such great advice (and Valerie always has patience with us when we hound her with ridiculous questions, LOL, which really means a lot!!!). We recently participated in The Golden Globes Gift Lounge and they represented our brand in the best possible way. We received a ton of new looks on our website and we got such amazing photos of celebs with our product that it actually brought both my mother and myself to tears. The Artisan Group is the best of the best -- we are so honored to be a part of this phenomenal group." -- Stevie D'Andrea of Jewels For Hope
"As an artist who was somewhat skeptical about gifting celebrities, I had a gut feeling I would be in good hands with The Artisan Group and I am so glad I followed that feeling. Professional women supporting gorgeous hand-made products/artists and they know their "stuff". With their guidance, being part of the Golden Globes Celebrity Gift Lounge was an amazing experience and I will not hesitate to participate again! Fabulous experience and a fabulous group!" -- Lauren Hoehn of Lapis Beach
"I am so fortunate to have found The Artisan Group. From the moment I applied to the quick follow up and welcome from Valerie via email and a personally written note, I was completely blown away by such a top-notch, professional organization. The members of this group are extremely talented and creative and ready to offer advice at a moment’s notice. My first experience was to display and gift at the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge. Being a “newbie” I was led through the entire process with patience and quick responses to any and all questions I had. From the initial confirmation right up to the event, there was never a detail that wasn’t thoughtfully cared for and planned out. Imagine my excitement when my first event involvement produced two celebrity photos. This is a wonderful group and experience that gets better and better. I can’t say enough about the founder, Valerie; she is simply the best!" -- Deborah Carducci of Villa Lusso
"I happen to be an eternal insomniac and applied (to TAG) very late one night after obsessing over what I would submit. To my surprise the amazing Valerie Guerrero responded herself rather quickly! I was so pleased, it felt like winning a huge prize!  I had done a lot of research on the group and I knew that their focus aligned with my goals. I knew they had a very professional approach to interacting with talent on the artist end as well as celebrities in the film, TV and music world. Immediately Valerie's interaction with me was amazing! Having a background as a VP in the high-tech business world, I have worked with C-level professionals my entire career. Valerie is one of the most polished Executives I have met. She is knowledgeable, direct, gives great feedback and most importantly wants you to be successful. Although my time with TAG to date has been short, I believe that Valerie and Nicki are both creative people who are dedicated to helping facilitate a team environment that will allow artists to continue to manage their art on their own, while getting great business advice from true professionals. The team they hand-select are truly inspiring artists, not just the best of the independent artists on the scene, but the people who are most interested in sharing ideas and helping other TAG members succeed. I have never seen anything like it!! Already I feel like I have made friends with people who will be part of my art world for a very long time. -- Christine Lorenzo of SariBlue
"I can't say enough positive things about The Artisan Group. Being a part of such wonderful talented artists and engaging in a common passion we share has been an incredible experience since day one. After being a part of the Emmy's GBK Gift Lounge event, owner Valerie exceeded any expectation I had with the event. Her incredible hard work and dedication to promote the artists involved went way above and beyond and make it such an exciting experience for me. They, along with the members offer their kindness, advice and support and have created truly such a great community that I am proud to be part of!" -- Sharlene Maher of Stranded Treasures
"There are two parts to The Artisan Group -- (1) the amazing group of artisans, including the leader Valerie who makes this group THE best group I've ever been a part of (and I've been through several!) I love that the group is so varied in background, some are amazing at social media, some in web and blogs, some in marketing, etc. and everyone gives freely of their knowledge! It's super non-competitive, everyone is genuinely caring and supportive. (and I like that we are friendly but we stay ON topic :) -- (2) the opportunity to be represented at the celebrity events! Valerie is constantly giving out advice, sharing stories, and doing everything in their power to give us the best representation they can! This is NOT just a "throw your product in a bag" type situation, it's a relationship with the artisans and I feel THAT is what sets The Artisan Group apart from other celebrity event companies. --TAG members ROCK! Thank you to everyone for all the knowledge, support, and help you've given me and others!" -- Deb Soromenho of AWE Jewelry
"It's an honor to be a member of The Artisan Group. This group of talented individuals help make it so special. I've gained so much business knowledge from them this year. Our members are always available to happily assist other members. The leader of the group Valerie is the best. Her work and efforts for the group are OUTSTANDING. She keeps the group very informed, and is very organized. I recently participated at GBK's Primetime Emmy Awards Gift Lounge, and was more than pleased with their work and efforts. Seeing the celebrities holding my products is AMAZING, and it wouldn't have been possible if I wasn't part of this group. I would recommend this group to any talented artist that is looking to be on TOP. Thanks so much The Artisan Group!" -- Tamecka Sandifer of HoneyPrint
"I am so honored to be a member of The Artisan Group. I was lucky enough to be represented by this amazing group at GBK Production's Emmy Awards Gift Lounge and I couldn't be more pleased with the work that they put in! From day one this group has answered my questions, taught me, encouraged me and showed me the potential I didn't even know I had. Today I can look at the pictures of celebrities holding my products and I'll always know it would have never happened without this group and the incredible job that the representatives have done and are doing. I will always be grateful for the hard work and dedication that Valerie has put into this group, as well as the amazing members!" -- Ashley Berthelot of FancyBelle
"I am thrilled, honored and very proud to be a member of The Artisan Group. The communication before, during, & after the event (The Emmy's) was outstanding. I really appreciate the immediate response to questions & the guidance to help wherever needed. They took the time to answer each & every question from the members & offer suggestions -- simply amazing!! I cannot express the extreme amount of pride that I have that Valerie is leading the group. I would highly recommend this group! I really appreciate the guidance and support, not only from Valerie, but from other members of the group. It has been a tremendously positive experience & I am really looking forward to my future in working with T.A.G. Very proud & could not be happier. Thank you Valerie for all of your long hours, hard work!!! T.A.G. is the wonderful. Thank You!" -- Michelle Bousley of OCStyles Creations
"I'm so honored that I am able to be a member of The Artisan Group. Not only did my products get in the hands of some fabulous celebrities at the recent Emmy Awards, The Artisan Group is more of a community. Everyone is really there to support each other. I recommend this fantastic group of members to everyone. In addition, the fearless leader Valerie is fantastic and helps with every step of the process. Thank you!" -- Lindsay Van Cleave of LCVintage   
"It's an honor to be a member of The Artisan Group. It was so exciting to participate in GBK Productions Emmy Awards Gifting Lounge. Valerie kept us up-to-date throughout the event of who was stopping by the table, etc. The exposure was fantastic! They also made it easy for us with sample press releases, guidelines and information on anything we needed along the way. But The Artisan Group is not just about getting your work in the hands of celebrities... it's about community. We all share ideas, give advice, honestly critique each other and support each other. The talent is amazing and diverse. It's an awesome group. Thank you TAG!" -- Ilene Price of Ilene Price Designs
"I was new to the whole gifting game and decided to try TAG because the community was so welcoming, and helpful. The experience with the Emmy Awards Gift Lounge was fantastic, easy, and reaped some unbelievable exposure for my work. I was thrilled to be accepted to the Golden Globes Gift Lounge and can't wait to launch a new Bot line in January with TAG's help!" -- Gary Hirsch of DoodleHouse
"What an honor to be part of The Artisan Group! I'm in awe of the members of this fabulous organization. The artists are diverse, each with an incredible talent so amazing and inspirational. Everyone is invested in the success of the other, which I've never seen in any other artist's organization. The organizers are caring, and maintain the morale of the group. Anytime I've had a question, or a problem, my fellow members, whom I lovingly refer to as the SWAT team, come to my rescue, with advice, information, and support. I feel blessed to be part of this group!-- Alexis Gopal of Alexis Studio Design
"At various stages of my life, I have been involved in and with a variety of groups, organizations and communities. Recently, I have become a part of a growing and thriving community where artists come together to promote and support each other, this community is called The Artisan Group. What I have realized is that when you become part of a community of creative souls, such as The Artisan Group, you open yourself to amazing experiences and endless possibilities. I am truly honored to be a member of this group. Thank you to the founder, Valerie, and all the incredible members of The Artisan Group for providing this wonderful and supportive community." -- Kathy Messick of Kath's Elegant Accessories
"The Artisan Group provides wonderful support to all artists, inspiration, fabulous marketing tips and tricks, and the knowledge pool that we, as members, can draw on, is really top notch. I've learned a lot, I've gained great ideas, and I've also been able to share some of my knowledge as well. This group rocks!" -- Nathalie Girard of Canadian Rockies Art
"The Artisan Group is an amazing support system helping anyone with their business, or simply to give your face a smile and your mind a creative boost. The talented and diverse artists and the wonderful women who organize it all with flare are truly inspiring. TAG is a group that's goal is to support and help everyone through their Gift Lounges. Each individual's success, is a success for The Artisan's Group and it is so wonderful to have a group that cares about each artist." -- Melissa Arnold of Sahetahs Jewelry
"It is an honour to have been invited to this wonderful group! The inspiration, help and friendship are amazing amongst the very talented members. The experience and knowledge exchange is unique. Never been a part of a more organized and proactive group, and the administration, guidance and support are amazing in every way." -- Helena Pion of Helena Pion Photography
"I link to The Artisan Group on my website and refer to them as my Fairy Godmothers! It really is the best way I know how to describe this group. It's like there's always someone there for you with advice, support, inspiration, or a pat on the back. I just feel completely blessed that I am part of such an amazing and talented group of people. Love to you all!" -- Autumn Bradley of Autumn Bradley Jewelry Design
"This group is AMAZING beyond words!! Getting your products into celebrity gift lounges is a small part of what this group will help you achieve. It goes way beyond that. Every one is so willing to help share what they know and give feedback. This is one of the greatest communities I am a part of. Plus I love that they accept artists from all selling platforms, not just Etsy. Can't say enough amazing things about this group!!!! I am so honored to be a member and get to work with all these very talented artists." -- Jenny Berube of She'sACrafty1
"Being a self-employed artist is rewarding, but sometimes lonely, so it's wonderful to feel embraced by such a friendly and supportive community of fellow artists as The Artisan Group. I love keeping up with everyone's business endeavors and find The Artisan Group to be an ideal venue for gaining press, promotion, and comaraderie in the art world." -- Lindsey Afton Dufoe of Afton Dufoe Photography
"I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful group. It is more than just celebrity gifting. It is truly a community of artists who support and help each other. Valerie is one of the most amazing people. She is always there to help with anything I need. I would recommend this organization to any artisan. You will not regret becoming a member." -- Kristal Lee of Atutudes Handcrafted Tutus
"I cannot begin to describe the value of belonging to this group. They've become the first place I turn to for business advice and they are an incredible source of encouragement, support and celebration. My business has reached new levels of success since I have been a member and I give The Artisan Group much of the credit." -- Susan Woods of Good Little Things
"The Artisan Group has been a wonderful experience for me and my business. From advice to collaboration with other members to the genuine camaraderie, I am honored to have been accepted into this amazing group of talented artisans." -- Tina Dean Allen of Tina Dean Designs
"I am honored to be a member of The Artisan Group. The incredible dynamics that the group brings to me and my starting business is wonderful. Ideas flow, advice is given and received and opinions shared of the ups (and downs) of being a entrepreneur. While we all make up the group, there is still an individuality afforded each artisan that makes the experience a truly unique one. Thank you so much!" -- Monica Collins of TG Bears
"I am a proud member of The Artisan Group. This group of artisans are so talented, so kind and most importantly, so helpful! They truly care, not just about their own businesses, but about other members' businesses as well! We share our business knowledge and work together as a team. I couldn't be more happier to be part of this amazing group of talented artisans! I've learned so much from each and every one of you and I look forward to many more years ahead!" -- Diana Pelliccia-Mueller of Bellaroma
"I have only been a member a short time but I have learned so much from this generous group of artisans. I have never seen such a resource and such willingness to share their knowledge--no question is foolish and all are willing to lend a hand to give you the leg up your business needs....I am overwhelmed and thankful I found y'all!" -- Diane Perry of Catcophony Wearable Art
"This group is made up of impossibly talented, beautiful, and kind, artistic people. From the beginning I was welcomed in with open arms. Any help you need, the group is there for you with whatever advice and help they can give. If you are just wanting to share some good news, the group definitely wants to hear it so that they can extend their congrats, and virtual hugs. I am so honored to be a member, and cannot wait to see the endless exposure and success that is on the horizon for all of the members. A huge thanks goes out to Valerie for forming The Artisan Group, and making it what it is today. There is no where to go but up from here!" -- Maureen Kirchdoerfer of Release Me Creations
"It is an honor being associated with this incredibly talented group. Each and everyone is ready and willing to share their business experiences to ensure the success of all. I have seen firsthand how beneficial it is to call myself a member and am proud to be associated with such an elite association. Special thanks to Valerie for putting this group on the map!" -- Stephanie Rountree of EdenSong Essentials
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